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® HISTORY Twenty-one years ago, Clarence Couisan established C.C. Productions Incorporation, a booking and promoting Recording Label that was designed to serve a wide range of artists. Over the years, we have produced artists like Barbara Anderson, Victor Varnado, and Dr. M.T. Thompson, booked artists such as, Sister Katie Sankey, the Clark Sisters, the Winans, and Barbara Lynn. In its first year in 1984, C.C. Productions booked, promoted, and recorded a Country and Western record titled: A Day Full of Sunshine by the artist named Barbara Anderson. Also, promoted Victor Varnado Rhythm & Blues album titled: Feel So Good. In that same year promoted and booked shows for Sister Katie Sankey and Barbara Anderson at Center Hope Community Church in Oakland, California and Double Rock Baptist Church in San Francisco, California. In the early 1990s, Moonlite Hope Music recorded their first gospel record by Dr. M. T. Thompson, titled: Ask God at Berkeley Mount Zion Baptist Church in Berkeley, California. The 1990s was a booming decade, which included the booking of the Clark Sisters and the Winans, a female and male gospel group, respectively. The Clark Sisters first appearance was at the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California and the Winans appeared at Center of Hope Community Church in Oakland, California. In the mid 1990s, Moonlite Hope Music booked and promoted Dr. M.T. Thompson at Dr. Fleetwood Irvin Baptist Church in Vallejo, California and in Fresno, California. In 1995 and 1996, Moonlite Hope Music booked Barbara Lynn, an R & B singer in Louisiana, album titled: If You Lose, You Lose a Good Thing. In the early 1990s, C.C. Productions promoted a play called Zetta written by Mr. Z. Evans at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California. Moonlite Hope Music has worked with numerous radio DJ’s, such as, the late Al Marlon a former gospel DJ, Dorothy Stanton a DJ for KDIA, Emmett Powell a DJ of San Francisco, and Sheila Robinson a DJ at KISS FM radio station in San Francisco, California. WORK HISTORY Before starting the talent agency Moonlite Hope Music, Couisan worked for IT&T a Federal Electric Corporation in Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Beginning in 1969 until 1989 he worked with electronics, numbers, and computers as a Technician. With over twenty years experience as an Electrical Engineer he retired and devoted himself full time to running C.C. Productions, a Booking and Promoting Record Label and later started Moonlite Hope Music, Inc. Record Label. EDUCATION In 1986 and 1992, he attended Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland, California and completed paralegal courses. In 1972, he attended Heald Business College in San Francisco and completed small business administration and music courses. NON PROFIT So today, we are announcing that as of November 1, 2003, Moonlite Hope Music Inc. is a non-profit community based organization under section 501 (c) and since its conversion works with public and private agencies, churches and schools in working collectively to help mentally challenged youth. With your contribution we will help youth eighteen (18) and older and mentally challenged children by providing training in using the recording equipment, such as, the Roland VS - 2400CD Digital Studio Workstation, keyboard, guitar, piano, etc. However, all participants will be trained to use instruments. Also, we will be able to provide financial assistance to mentally challenged children and young adults in need to participate in trips such as the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California, Star Wars & Presidio in San Francisco, California, the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants baseball games in Oakland and San Francisco, California, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and the Aquarium in Monterey, California. Moonlite Hope Music, Inc. unique vision offers great opportunity for prospective artists and supports those interested in expressing gospel and R & B music. Clarence Couisan Sr., President,

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Urban Moonlite is a new Record Label and Division of Moonlite Records who has been around for over 20 years. Urban Moonlite has grown into an all inclusive distribution source specializing in local, regional, and national sales Digital distribution. Urban Moonlite Divison started in 2007 searching for Hip Hop R&B Rappers Spoken word Talent Through running ads On Craig's List My Space and word of mouth We Have signed Artist Tim Jones , Ms.Johnitablaze , Tune Squad In Our Past years. We Have Added Moonlite Models To Our Family. And Have Partened With Main Street Magazine. We are changing Game going to get that talent thats In The Inner City. 2014 we have signed UCLUV KP HIP HOP HOGAN . We are Doing Promotions for Clubs ,Churches,Social Groups etc.2014 Employed  Promotional Company HIGH SKILLS ENTERTAINMENT AND HOLLIWOOD STARR that has over 15 years of experience . We offer full media Internet,Cable and Radio. we our feeding the community on a biweekly basis. We offer Recording to Indie Artist and Youth at affordable cost .We are Increasing Peace in The Music Industry. President/CEO Clarence Hamad Muhammad 1st Lady Editor Chief Dana Muhammad

People are People - Compilation Artist

         UrbanMoonlite Presents

Urban Moonlite is a new Record Label and Division of Moonlite  Hope Music Inc. who has been around for over 20 years. Urban Moonlite is growing into an all inclusive distribution source specializing in local, regional, and national sales Digital distribution. Urban Moonlite Divison started in 2007 searching for Hip Hop R&B Rappers Spoken word Talent .People are People Compilation came together by looking at life situations all come from People  as we judge each other we should always remember You’re a Person = People Are People . We  Composed this Compilation with  Artist UC LUV , K.P. ,  B Willis , Sport Coat , DJ ACE , Mack Dude , K.I. Charrell ,

K Breeze , Bambino 4.15 , Hip Hop Hogan

 We worked with and Released Tune Squad In Our Past years.  We are changing Game going to get that talent that's In The Inner City.   Promoting it to World  for all to Hear. We our feeding the community on a weekly basis. We are Increasing Peace  Unity in The Music Industry .

Homeless and Street Artist Composed Lyrics

President/CEO Clarence Hamad Muhammad




UCLUV artist bio







From a youngster in his teens I was a writer, from Los Angeles CA.


 Who moved to Reno NV to build his fan base since the early 80’s. He’s a


 Experience rapper who first rap group to hit the billboard charts in Reno


Called the Deuce4k.He did shows with LL Cool J at the Paramount in


Seattle, he performed with Nelly in the Saint Lunatics in Oregon, did a


Show withThaAlkaholiks in Northridge CA. just to name a few. He currently


moved to Sacramento to rebuild a solo foundation that would broaden his


Network, his style is very charismatic with the ladies hip hop R&B hooks


And rap lyrics combined, also lyrics based on the past, present and future


Struggles our world must face to obtain peace in many ghetto streets, he’s


Called UCLUV. A rapper from Young Jeezy era you do not want to miss the way


He blends lyrical metaphors and metaphysics into reality. Presently working


Moonlite Hope Music as music engineer to make ends, he also sales his


Produced single to fans as he perform at local clubs. Signed with


UrbanMoonlite Records in February 2014 working on new material singles


for People are People Compilation that was released   . Perform show with


San Quinn in Fremont March 8 2014 Sacramento Press Club  March 26 2014 crowd of 75+


Also have been seen on  Channel 13 January 23, 2014 11:01 PM also in Magazine .


Up and Coming first release Album IT’S NO GAME

With Record label Nov 5 2014 working on music everyday to stay on top of his game.

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