Urban Moonlite is a new Record Label and Division of Moonlite Records who has been around for over 20 years. Urban Moonlite has grown into an all inclusive distribution source specializing in local, regional, and national sales Digital distribution. Urban Moonlite Divison started in 2007 searching for Hip Hop R&B Rappers Spoken word Talent Through running ads On Craig's List My Space and word of mouth We Have signed Artist Tim Jones , Ms.Johnitablaze , Tune Squad In Our Past years. We Have Added Moonlite Models To Our Family. And Have Partened With Main Street Magazine. We are changing Game going to get that talent thats In The Inner City. 2014 we have signed UCLUV KP HIP HOP HOGAN . We are Doing Promotions for Clubs ,Churches,Social Groups etc.2014 Employed  Promotional Company HIGH SKILLS ENTERTAINMENT AND HOLLIWOOD STARR that has over 15 years of experience . We offer full media Internet,Cable and Radio. we our feeding the community on a biweekly basis. We offer Recording to Indie Artist and Youth at affordable cost .We are Increasing Peace in The Music Industry. President/CEO Clarence Hamad Muhammad 1st Lady Editor Chief Dana Muhammad

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Twitter -- https://twitter.com/urbanmoonlite YouTube -- http://urbanmoonlite Instagram -- urbanmoonlite Google+ -- http://urbanmoonlite72@gmail.com Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/URBANMOONLITE CD Baby -- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/peoplearepeople2


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