Clarence Muhammad - Coordinator

-Presentation Skills:

Using Microsoft Applications we train each person on how to affectively use these applications, to present themselves or an idea, develop a resume and to create a budget.  We do this by using Power Point, Word and Excel.  Our thought process is that most people have a computer or have access to a computer, but do not utilize them to their full capacity and for their own development.  Being able to network and google information is essential but it’s not ALL.

Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Young People:

This component has just recently been added to our repertoire.  We have found this component to be highly essential to the development of young people.  In this component we bring light to the need for respect and community service.  Giving healthy service not only releases endorphins but it bridges the wide gap between the generations. 

Young people are asked to volunteer to organize a room, make a meal, play games or just communicate with Seniors in their family or who are a part of our growing program.  We added this section because through our bi-weekly food program, we learned that there are so many seniors who can benefit from what we call a “power hour” of attention.

Moonlite Hope Recording Component:

Moonlite Hope Music initially was implemented to provide an outlet for under privileged and disabled youth.  One of the most frustrating situations is one where one can’t express himself.  We utilize the Recording Segment to not only have the youth compose and record poetry and positive music, but also to video record themselves to see how other people see them.  Expression relieves stress and tension.  Some of the youth we deal with are going through things no adult should have to go through, we give them the forum to articulate those thoughts and images that they hold inside and turn them into positive solutions and resolutions.

Some of the skills they learn include, music production, graphic design, video production, live music engineering and writing.  They also learn the Music Business, which includes management, distribution, project financing and leveraging technology.  We also explore the major forces in the music industry and new approaches to promotion and marketing.

Food Program:

In 2011 we were fortunate enough to launch Moonlite Hope’s Food Program.  We were able to partner with Food Link in Sacramento, CA to provide food to the residents of the intercity community.  Through our efforts we have been able to further assess the needs of those living in the community and would like to do more to help.  It is a known fact that funding is now limited if not even made available to meet all of the needs of the community. 


Employment/ Entrepreneur:

90 Day Training Program

-Starting A Small Business which will include how to apply for various types of licenses for your business type, apply for Federal/State ID Number and Market Research.

-Manager A Small Business which will include Project Management Training and Team Building/Management.

-How To Be Employable which will include training in Work Ethic, Timeliness, Team Ethic and Basic Project Management.

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