Im planning a Com-unity Meeting with Black Pastors, Ministers,Imams,Spiritual Leadership . If you Have a Black Church In The Oak Park, Meadowview,Valley High,Del Paso Heights,Rancho Cordova, North Highlands, South Sac, North Sac. The Subject Is a Solution to Our Youth Killing Spirit. We will Come together and stop The killing In The Community Where Gods Houses are.. This Is Mandatory For All Spiritiual Heads In Sacramento . Please Contact me with Min. Contact Information. Will Be traveling to Church's to meet the Pastors. If not going to Participate we will expose you as a Soar to the Community and Your a Backer Of Violence. Blaclk on Black Crime has to Be Stopped. We cant talk to our Youth and The Religious Leaders only Talk at Paid Funerals from Parents who have really No Money........ Contact Sujbect Im a Spiritual Leader Come to Me our I will Becoming To You. With My Black Owned Media Question Why No response. Sacramento Branch NAACP 30th Annual Prayer Breakfast. will Be there with Flyers and Location May The Blessing Of God be with Us Amen Sacramento Ca Stats 2012 Violent Crime 5,823 Murder and Manslaughter 46
Robbery 2,096
Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 24,767 as from

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