Moonlite Hope Music Inc. Studio will provide for its client’s high quality sound recording and audio production services. Moonlite Hope Music Inc. Studio is currently an high end recording and production studio for use for single or small group customers.  Use of the studio will be billed on an hourly basis plus fees relating to the rental of the studio. Reproduction of recorded materials will also be sold to customers. The benefits that are afforded to clients include:


  • A convenient, reasonably low-priced recording studio.
  • A comfortable studio experience that allows artists to record their music while being in an inviting atmosphere.
  • High end audio equipment that will make high quality sound recordings for our clients.
  • Professional and expert staff member(s) that will help artists mix and produce their tracks with minimal hassle.


Moonlite Hope Music Inc. Studio focus is on providing a professional recording experience to musicians and sound recording artists. Management has chosen a number of high-end audio production equipment that will allow customers the best possible music and sound recordings.

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