UML: Who do you want your music to influence? Low: I want my music to influence the youth, my music will influence youth at all levels. On the hyphy music-I think it came and went too fast, not a lot of people knows what it was truly about. I cater to the youth because they are lacking because most homes are headed by single parents. UML: Who are your leaders/role models? Low: God, everything I create is through him, I seek his guidance in everything I do. UML: What are your musical goals? Low: Change, A New Breed; which is about having a choice, to sign with a major label, reach a plateau so we can get our point across, and express ourselves fully, we want to be consistent, we want to do 3 videos an album. UML: When asked what the term “New Breed” meant , here is what we found. A New Breed could be anybody with something to loose, so they have something cherish. Young people today feel like they have nothing to loose so things that should be cherished are not. We want to be a family orientated label, we want to know what we can do to help our community, we want to be able to donate money, open up shelters and sponsor youth programs. We also asked what their thoughts were about “Obama” and they were like he is a New Breed, something new. More to come next issue on 360. Low and Moe at Starbucks kicking Back.

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