Urban Moonlite at 20th anniversary Northern California African American Young Male Conference “Leave Today, Lead Tomorrow” Sacramento Ca. Cosumnes River College. Early in the morning of this Saturday at Consumnes College with hundreds of young black men 13 to 18 with Black fathers smiling and Mothers getting there childrens registration packets from the 100 Black Men staff who is one of the Major Sponsers of this Event. There was Continetal Breakfast doing Registration. The opening Session begin with Presentation of Colors by The Sacramento Young Marines and then Invocation from the Chaplain, Jim Oliver The 100 Black Men of Sacramento Inc . Welcome Regie Sears, Conference Co-Founder &Chair 1.00 Black Men. Its time for the workshops so the parents and there sons are getting ready for there workshops. Mr Muhammad was there with his 2 sons and 1 youth there ages are 18 and to 14 year olds 12th grader and 2 8th graders .The young men seen one of his friends there with his mom and attended the workshops and conference with them. So the conference workshops time. Parenting Workshop Department of Corrections officer gives advice on checking on our children from outside gangs and affiliation .Pay attention to the numbers they use and write with. Language they use signs they describe and correspond with and the style of clothing and embroidery type. Team Sport Clothing etc. The Main Gangs In the Prison are Black Gorrilla Family ,Arian Nation,Mexican Mafia and more subgames crips .bloods ,woods arein the prison using young men to do there works on the streets while they are in prison there was over 800 cell phones found in Solan Vaccaville Prison last year and this year 2009 Feb 100 as stated by a correctional officer. 100 Black: Apples Roll away from the tree. Every Day is a New Beginning. Because I said so from the heart not the mind. Discipline, Consistency. Riddle of Sphinx 0-1Want can I have 10-18 I need 18– Grown Can I Borrow Lunch with Young males and Parents for a hour of eating together and talking about the workshops with each other. Fathers and some mothers and Group organizers and Fraternity groups and community organizations doing HIV Testing and passing out condoms and practice safe sex material. Keynote Address from The Hon. Kevin Johnson Mayor Sacramento Ca First Black Mayor KJ Thanks 1oo Black Men and all organizations for coming and participating in this Conference. KJ Lets the young males know he is a native of Oak Park here in Sacramento where it was told nothing good comes out of Oak Park. Being raised by a single parent.made it to the NBA Played 12 years Moved back to Oak Park.and begin to Invest in his Community. Begin to speak on Education Publicly Negatively Impacting 1-3 Drop outs whites Blacks1-2 ou come from and Oak Park was in the white house 80% of graduate with a High School Diploma and can only read 3rd grade level some learn to the 3rd grade and can never catch up. Prisons being built on 3 rd Grade education. Economics Development Create a Black Owned Franchise. KJ: Says Magic Johnson was /is his mentor KJ says Magic is a unselfish player and leader. KJ: says mentors are important and always give back and never forget where you come from where you can go Oak Park was in the White House a Community Leader From The Heart Hon, Mayor Kevin Johnson Sacramento Oak Park Native. A Article from Guest writer February 28,2009

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