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Couisan Family   Book                                                                                                                                                                                                                       & Tree




Volume #1


Chapter 1.                                       








Preface: History of this book is basic on theCousain families left from France, Germany and other over sea country arrived in the United State of America for freedom and justice.


Acknowledgments:Mr. Jimmie Cousain Sr.andBertha Cousain James Johnsonthe founder’s in the year of1989thru2004andCousin MiltonCousain James Sr. #2 and Victor Edward Cousanand Idell Allen.“Special thank”to Leon Cousain Sr. and Martha Napleen Earlycutt and Family. Author mother and father. .


Author Note: Clarence Couisan Sr.


Lessons:Love always keeps families together with help of all mighty God.


  1. Part 1.Cousain Family:Birth Places/Registration to voter’s……………………………..Pg.3/4
  2. Part 1a.Cousain Familyprofession skill: Farmer’s/Man-factor/Labor’s.
  3. Animal and foods………………………………Pg.5.      
  4. Part 2.Cousain Familydairy foods/Education/ReligiousPg.6.
  5. Cousain FamilyStreet and roads namesCousain and CyprianPg.7.
  6. Part 4.Author Clarence Couisan Sr.GreatUncle andAunt history…. Pg.8/9/10/11/12.    
  7. Part 5.Author Clarence Couisan Sr.Uncle andAunt History………………………….Pg. 13/14/15/16/
  8. Part 6.Author Clarence Couisan Sr.FatherandMotherhistoriesPg. 17/
  9. Part 7.  Author Clarence Couisan Sr.History……………………………………Pg. 18/19
  10. Part 8.  Author Clarence Couisan and sister’s History……………Pg.20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32.



Cousain FamilyRecipes: By MS: Idell Allen


31/2-4 pounds chicken pieces-------------1 medium onion, quartered

3             3 quarts water----------------------------1 bay leaf

4             2 outer ribs celery, with leaves-----1 teaspoon salt

5             1 carrot, cut in thirds



1/3 cup Lard/Crisco Oil--------------------------1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram leaves

½ cup all-purpose flour--------------------------1/2 teaspoon dried basil leaves

1 pound okra, washed and cut in ¼-inch pieces—1 can (14 ½ ounces) whole tomatoes

1 cup chopped onion------------------------------1/2-pound ham, cubed

 ¾ cup chopped celery----------------------------1 pound hot smoked sausage sliced

 ½ cup chopped green bell pepper------------sliced

 ½ cup chopped green onions------------------1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

2 cloves garlic, pressed------------------------------Salt

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley----------------------Black pepper

 1 bay leaf-------------------------------------------------Cayenne pepper

 ¾ teaspoon dried thyme leaves-------------------Hot pepper sauce

 Steamed rice.


  1. For stock, place chicken, water, celery, carrot, onion, bay leaf and salt in large Dutch oven or kettle, Bring to a boil, Simmer 25 minutes, skimming foam and fat from top, Remove meat from bones and reserve. Return bones to stock, Continue simmering.
  2. 2.   For gumbo, heat Lard or Crisco Oil in large Dutch oven or kettle. Add flour gradually, Cook and stir until medium brown, Add okra, onion, celery, green pepper, Cook and stir until okra is crisp-tender. Add green onions, garlic, parsley, bay leaf, thyme, marjoram and basil, undrained tomatoes, ham and chicken meat, Strain stock. Stir slowly into gumbo, Cook sausage. Drain well, Add to gumbo, and Simmer 1hours, stirring occasionally. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, cayenne and hot pepper sauce. Remove bay leaf before serving.
  3. To serve, spoon desired amount of rice into individual soup bowls. Ladle gumbo over rice.



            Cousain Family Music: Religion Music, songs “Ask God” & He’s all I needs.



R/Blue and Country & Western, You are my sunshine








Chapter 1.


Theyear1800and1807hundredGreat Grand Father Harry Cousain Mother and Father and ancestor’sfamilies travel by ship migrant from EnglandFrance, Germany, Continental Europe and Southwest, Europe. Cousain family came to United State ofAmericafor “live Free and happy in the midst of bounteous prosperity, some family became citizens of the United State America in the year of 1803. As in the united State of America they can protect their property and religion, agriculture and commence property. The Cousain Family spell their names exampleCouisan, Cousin,Cousins,Cousens Cousizan and Couzensbefore and after arrive in the United State of America their profession/skill were farmer’s/man factor and labor’s.  Cousainfamily was in the Napoleonic war of1796-1812. In the war 1813 between the United States America and England. After war England admit in New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana some Cousain/ancestor’s where in the follows.  Civil Warin the United Stateof America in1861-1865fights for freedom. Afterthe war in United State America theCousainfamily’s continuous spell their names vary way(Koozan, Cou-sin, Cousin, Cousan, Couran, Cozain andCouisan)in the United State of America to protect their families.Cousainfamilies arrived in United Stateof Americain a town call (BL) Bayou Lacombe and Bonfuca and Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana. MyGreat grandfather Harry Cousainwas born in the1825 in the United State of America (Author are not quit sure on date of birth). Inthe year 1870 census were take in ward 4 page 166 in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana were Great grandfather Harry Cousain and Great grandmother Susan Cousain and children’s Adolphus, Celia, Clara, Corrine, Harry Jr., Henry, Kate, Katie, Martha, Joseph Thomas, Victor. Mis-spell of the Cousain family name in the years of 1870 (Example Couran). Author research records and found that Great grandfather Harry Cousain register to vote in 1874 #957 in San Tammany parish and Tangipahoa parish Louisiana. Author Clarence Couisan Sr.research through Bible and church records where found in my Cousins old houses on property locate in Louisiana to locate information onGreat Grandfather Harry Cousain had no S.S.N.Social Security Numberwas giving out for born citizen in the United State America until1935after the death ofGreat Grandfather Harry Cousain. Great Grandfather Harry death occurs before Boer War in 1899-1902. Great Grandfather Harry Cousain was mixed Negro French and white. SinceGreat Grandfather Harry Cousain was mixed their fore they call hisnationality Creole/Negro descent. Great Grandfather Harry Cousainancestor was a native of theFrenchsettlement of New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Ancestor ofGreat grandfatherHarry Cousain, which come from France, Germany, Continental Europe and Southwest Europe. Great Grandfather Harry Cousain ancestors areAlexander Joseph Cousain, Angelica Cousain, Anton Cousain, Anton Hubert Cousain, Claudia Cousain, Eve Mathilde Cousain, GertrudHubertina Cousain, Jean Joseph Cousain, Joana Clotilde Cousain, Joanna Antonia Cousain, Johann Michael Cousain, Maria Luisa Cousain and PhilippusCousain. In 1803 New Orleans and Orleans parish Louisiana population were 50,000 and 1807 population 52,998 in 1807 23,574 were slave and 3, 355 were free people of color. Greatgrandfather Harry Cousainwas afarmer/ man factor/labors (1800) and settle in (BL) Bayou Lacombe population estimate 150 peoples and Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana.Great Grandfather HarryCousainmove from (BL) Bayou Lacombe Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana (BL) is 35 mile north of NewOrleans and Orleans Parish)and then later settle in (1803) (45)mile west Uneedus, Osceolaand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, population estimate 50 peoples.Greatfather HarryCousainhomestead 640 acres of land in the city of Uneedusand Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana 1/mile south of Mansfield road. GreatgrandfatherHarryCousainmarriageGreat grandmotherSusanCousain (nickname Sockie name after a creek where Great Grandfather Harry build home for each one of his children’s there were a log to walk across 8/eight boys one side and 6/six girls on the other side.  Great Grandmother Susan Cousain: Born1820.

And now the bigexplore begin.Great Grandfather Harry Cousain and Great Grandmother Susan Cousain(Sockie)begin with6/ six boysand 8/eight girls total of 14/fourteen children’s names: Most children’s was born by mid-wife and she register with the parish when she had records on at least 12/twelth or more. Some mid-wife keep records in mind and some kept them in a book or bible. So many  children’s  birth  date or incorrect.Children’s ofHarry Cousain and Susan Cousain seebelow from Athru Z.


Adolphus Cousain, Celia Cousain, Clara Cousain, Corrine Cousain, Harry Cousain Jr., Henry Cousain, Hattie Cousain Cyprian, Joseph Thomas Cousain(Author grandfather)Kate Cousain, KatieCousain Carson,Marie CousainCyprian, Martha Cousain, Parker Cousain and Victor Daniel Allen Cousain. Uncle Victor Daniel Allen Cousain was a stockbroker made most of his money by sells livestocks. 

Great Grandfather Harry Cousain and Great Grandmother Susanchildren’s become farmer’s/man factor/labor’s.

Great grandfatherHarryCousainand hissonGreat Uncle Victor Daniel Allen Cousainregistration voters in 1874 inUneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa parish, Louisiana.Cousain Families vote for the 1st/first black Governor in Louisiana ( Pickney Benton Stewart Pinchback.Great grandfatherHarry Cousaindeath occurs in the 1900 (Author not quite sure on date of death). After thedeath ofGreatGrandfather HarryCousainheleft each child 40 acres of land in according my great uncle Victor Daniel Allen Cousain and cousins.The remains of the property were left to myGreat grandmother Susan Cousain.AfterGreat grandmotherSusan Cousaindeath in 1920.After the death of Great Grandmother SusanCousainland were will over to my Uncle and Aunt some of the family sold it and some kept it for their children’s.  Great Grandfather Harry Cousainand Great Grandmother Susan Cousain live until all their children’s were grown men and women. Great Grandfather Harry Cousain and Great Grandmother Susan left each child 40 acres of lands up on their death.





Transportation: Horses/Buggy



Chapter 2.

 Building a home:1a.Material: Logs: Work Tools2a.Wood hammer, Ox and wage buster.3a. ---- Foundation:dirt.4a. ---- Roof material shingle /long leave pine lumber, bathroom woodhouse, bathtub wood.5a. --- House and rooms light: Oil lamp.6a.  Cook item wood stove, brick oven.7a. --- Eat utensil, wood and Tin plates /wood spool and forks/metal knife/pots/pan with top (frying pan)/skillet with tin leg for bake potatoes.8a.Cleaner items, straw boon/lye soap/washboard/ tubs.9a. --- Tables for eaten, wood table/wood bench/woodbed and chair. 10a. --- Sleep Items, mattress (feather, straw andhay/pillows (flour sack, cotton sack wood bed frame.11a. --- Time clock: (24-hour clock or wake up with the Sun. 12a.Heat,wood heater, fireplace clay chimney.

13aKeep food cold, icebox.


Bath-room-out house


Oil Lamp










Chapter 3.Water:A ground well for drink water and grown plants, bean, rice, berry, cotton and seed forcrop/foods etc.







Chapter 4.Field animalsand farmer equipment: Ox and Horses, mules, wagon, Georgia stalk, and side harp, ply, slide,  (Example for smooth rows for plantedcottonseeds, corn, bean etc.)




Chapter 5.Dairyitems milk and butter/cheese/ice cream. CousainFamilyshakes milk in a bottle to make cheese.Cousain Familycould not purchase a wood churn. Cousain Familydairy product use for cooking: Bake cakes, pies, corn bread/hot water bread, pancake, wafer, biscuit, cheesecakes, coffee and tea.











Chapter 6.Foods:1a.Apple, cucumber, squash, sweet pepper, vegetables, corn, okra, rice, tomato, lettuce, peanut, butter bean, strawberry and string bean, red bean, sweet/white potato, cabbage, pea, turnip, mustard, collard and cotton.2a.  Poultry domestic fish, fowls, chickens, ducks and cows and domesticated animal pigs/hogs/sheep.


Rooster with baby chicken

Cousain Family can vegetable and fruits in cooking Jud follows items were jam, jelly, plum, hackberry, peach, pear, blackberry, strawberry and pea, tomato, green bean spinach and okra.








Chapter 7. Education/Religious: Cousain family and ancestors had a religious background most of them were member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and Mount Zion Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue. Cousain family attended Union Training School start grade 1st first thru 4th/four and 7th/seven thru 8th/eight in the cities of Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.  Nelson Cousain Cyprian was principal ofUnion Training School Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Instruction/schoolteachers that work withNelson Cousain Cyprian were Ms: Bird, Ms: Martin and Mr. Willie Route.  Cousain family enroll and Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana began registration in June in the 1900 and school closed in the month March after complete nine month of school and white racial began September in the 1900 and closed in June.Cousainfamily inHammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana had to work in field during the summer to buy their school cloths to continuous their education.Cousain family in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana had to take their lunch to school and walk for mile to attend school their education. There was a Black and White Superintendent over each school district one for black school and one for white school.Cousainfamilies of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana didn’t no what a summer vacation was.Cousain families of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana spend most of the summer and holidays work in fields.



Chapter 8.In the cities of Loranger, Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana their roads namesCousainand Cyprian. There is a street addresses is 27262CousanRoad, Loranger, Louisiana 70446. (See picture)

Cousain Road

Loranger, Louisiana















      In alphabet orderA ---Z.


  1.  Chapter 9.
  2. Uncle Adolphus Cousain, Born: 1860.
  3. Aunt Celia Cousain, Born: 1848.
  4. Aunt Clara Cousain, Born: 1866.
  5. Aunt Corrine Cousain, Born: 1856.
  6. Aunt Hattie Cousain
  7. Birthplace:Uneedus, Osceola andTangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year1868. Aunt Hattie Cousaindeath occurs in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana and was burial at Noah cemetery (see picture) Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  8. Noah Cemetery
  9. Uneedus, Louisiana








  1. 11.               Aunt Hattie Cousainmarriage to George Cyprain Sr.they had eight/8 children’s names Ceile Cousain Cyprain Plummer, John H. Cousain Cyprain, Deacon John Louis Cousain Cyprain, Mary Cousain Cyprain Harrell, Deacon Moses L. Cousain Cyprian, Poledah Cousain Cyprain, Preston Cousain Cyprian, Victor D.Cousain Cyprianand Rev. Williams Cousain Cyprian.AuntHattieCousainCyprainwas a good mother/housewife andUncleGeorge Cyprainwas a farmer.
  2. 12.                
  2. Uncle George Cyprian and wife Aunt Hattie Cousain Cyprainwas a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue. (See picture) Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Uneedus, Louisiana











  1. 15.                Aunt Hattie Cousain Cypriandeath occurs in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Uncle George Cypriandeath occurs in Uneedus, Osceola Tangiphoa Parish Louisiana. Uncle George Cyprainand Aunt Hattie Cousain Cyprainwere burial in Noah Cemetery Uneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, and Louisiana.








Noah Cemetery

Uneedus, Louisiana

  3. Uncle Harry Cousain Jr. Born:1858.
  4. Uncle Henry Cousain, Born: 1846.
  5.  Grandfather Joseph ThomasCousain were marriage to Victoria
  6. Birthplace Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year 1862. Author not quite sure on date of birth.Grandfather Joe Thomas Cousainwas a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Minister By Reverend Joe Bezue.
  8. Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousaindeath occurs in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana years1956, 1957,1958 or 1959. Author not quit sure on death date. On last years of Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousain he visit and stage with his stepdaughter Nettie Carter Bell and granddaughter Annie Route Grant in Albany Livingston Parish, Louisiana and Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana until death occur in 1955-1958(Author not quit sure of death date) and all his great grand children’s love their Great grandfather. The follows names are Shirley Pea, Linda Grant, Brenda Grant, Rose Grant, Glenda Grant, Charlene Grant, Jacqueline Grant, Carolyn Grant, Norma Jean Route, Authur Route, Calvin Grant and William Grant Jr. Annie Route Grant death occur on February 15,2001. GrandfatherJoseph Thomas Cousainwas burial at Noah Cemetery and Uneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  9. Noah Cemetery
  10. Uneedus, Louisiana




  1. 27.               Grandfather Joseph was marriageto GranmotherVictoria they had nine/9 children’s namesAliceCousain James,Dolphus Cousain, Donald Cousain, Eugene James Cousain, Henry Cousain, and Leon Cousain Sr.. Author father),Lillie Cousain, Robert Joseph Cousain and Wilson Cousain.
  2. 28.             GrandfatherJoseph Thomas CousainandGrandmotherVictoria Cousainwas member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue in the cities of Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish,Louisiana.


Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Uneedus, Louisiana

  1. 29.           

30. Grandfather JosephThomas Cousainraised his children’s until they go to be men and women and move out of Osceola to Albany and Hammond Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousain was a farmer and a good provide for his families. Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousain always visits his sister and brother and cousin. After Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousaindepart from Uneedus and Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousain come back and forward in country with his little jug (call moonshine) to have a party played music, dance and sang.Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousainwas a great farmer he plant some beanwith hiscousinbut hiscousindid not come up and myGrandfather Joseph Thomas Cousaingot on his need and ask God for help him with those bean to support his family the next day beam came up. This information comes from ourcousain. Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousain was a religious man and believes in God our father in heaven.

31. Aunt Kate Cousain, Born: 1865.





  1. 32.            Katie Cousain Carson
  2. 33.               Birthplace Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana 1865. Aunt Katie Cousainwas marriage to Uncle Charlie Carson. Aunt Katie Cousain Carson death occurs in 19th century in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana and was burial at Noah Cemetery and Uneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Aunt Katie Cousain Carsonhad no children’s.Aunt Katie Cousain Carsonwas a member Pleasant Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue. Accord to records thatAunt Katie Cousain Carsonlive to 107th/One hundred years old. One of Aunt Katie Cousain Carson Nephew found an old bible stated thatAunt Katie Cousain Carsonat death was118/One-hundered-eighteen year oldwhen deathoccur. Aunt Katie Cousain Carsonworks clean houses in white woman homes in Uneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, and Louisiana.
  3. 34.            Aunt Marie Cousain Cyprian
  1. Birthplace Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana 1872. Aunt Marie CousainCypriandeath occur in 1929 burial at Noah Cemetery and Uneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Aunt Marie Cousainwere marriage toUnclePaul Cyprianthey had seven/7 children’s names Corrine Cousain Cyprian Bell, Earnest, James, Ina Mae James, Joseph, Sullivan and Thomas.Aunt Marie Cousain Cyprianwas a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue.Aunt Marie Cousain CyprianandUncle Paul Cyprianwas a farmer to raise money for to support their family. Aunt Marie Cousain Cyprianworks in white woman houses inthe cities Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  2. Aunt Martha Cousain, Born: 1850.


  1. 37.            Uncle Parker Cousain
  2. 38.               Birthplace Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana 1855 (Author not quit sure birth date.
  3. 39.               Uncle Parker death occur in the cities Uneedus, Osceolaand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianaand burial at Noah Cemetery andUneedus, Osceola Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Uncle Parker Cousainwas never marriage.  Uncle Parker Cousainwas injury on his job and became disabled. But he still tries to work on farms with a horse and ply. Nochildren’s.
  1. Uncle Parker Cousain were a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue. Uncle Parker Cousaindeath occurs in Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Uncle Parker Cousain was burial at Noah Cemetery cities of Uneedus, Osceola Tangiphoa Parish, and Louisiana.





  1. 41.            Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousain
  2. 42.               Birthplace Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish                                       Louisiana in 1852.Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousaindeath occurs in1943. (Author’s not quit sure of date of death)UncleVictor Allen Daniel Cousainwas marriage toAunt Rosetta Richardsonhad one/1 child nameBolivar Cousan.Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousainwas a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church minister by Reverend Joe Bezue.Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousainraised livestock’s in the 1875/1900 hundred example cattle’s, sheep’s.Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousainwas a farmer. UncleVictor Allen Daniel Cousainbrand mark on his cattle’s stencil (swallow fork) to show ownership and delivery them to Folsom and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana (5 miles Uneedus, (5 miles Osceola about 18 miles to Franklinton and Washington Parish, Louisiana and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.  From Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, (18 miles to Franklinton and Washington Parish, Louisiana about 18 miles.  Cousainfamilies transportation in the1900, 1940to delivery cotton, livestock’s etc.Pleasant Cousan Sr., John Duckworth and Alex Bezue. One white man no kin-ship name Ward Lee just a friend of theCousain family to deliverycotton to Franklintonand Washington Parish, Louisiana withCorn, Green Bean, Strawberry, Cattle’s and sheep’s and delivery them to Amite, (5miles Independence and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.    (Authorgrandfather)Grandfather Joseph Thomas Cousainand his brothers and sisters,Aunt Hattie Cousain Cyprian, Aunt Katie Cousain Carson, Aunt Marie Cousain Cyprian, Uncle Parker Cousain and Uncle Victor Allen Daniel Cousainwalk from Osceolaand Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana to Covington Saint Tammany Parish, Louisianaabout 17 mileon a log road callBenny bridge to bring back 48lb bag of flour to feed their families.


Joseph Thomas Cousain and Victoria Cousain children’s.(Author’s grandfather and grandmother)





  1. 43.            Chapter 10.
  2. 44.             Aunt Alice Cousain James
  3. 45.               Birthplace:Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.  Aunt Alice Cousainwas marriage toUncle Melton James Sr.. Aunt AliceCousain Jamesdeath occurs in 1953. AuntAlice Cousain JamesandUncle MeltonJames Sr.was a member of Mount Zion Baptist Churchminister by Reverend Joe Bezuein the city of Holden and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Aunt Alice Cousain James and Uncle Melton James Sr. were burial at James Cemetery in the city of Holden and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Aunt Alice Cousain James and Uncle Melton Jameshad a family of eight/8 children’s Bertha Cousain James Jones Lebeau, Doretha Cousain James Johnson, Lela Cousain James Baham, Melton Cousain James Jr., Sallie Cousain James Nicholsand Victoria Cousain James Collins.
  4. 46.                Twenty/20 Grand children’s. Bryant Jones, Alfred Jones jr., Bryon Cousain James Jones, Carol Cousain James, Clinton Cousain James Baham Jr., Debra Cousain James Baham, Derick Cousain James Jones, Donnell Cousain James Wise, Fayelett Cousain James Johnson, Karen Cousain James Johnson, Leroy Cousain James Johnson Jr., Marion Couisan James Baham, Mike Johnson, Melton James Jr. 2, Willie Stine Cousain James Abron, Debra Deisa Cousain James Nichols, Debra D. Cousain Jamesand Derwin James Collins.
  5. Uncle Dolphus Cousain
  6. 48.               Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Uncle Dolphus Cousainwere a member of Good Hope Baptist Church, Ponchatoula and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Uncle Dolphus Cousain never was marriage. UncleDolphus Cousaindeath occur the1900 hundred.(Author not quit sure of death date). Uncle Dolphus Cousain was burial in Methodist Church Cemeterylocation old Covington Highway Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Uncle Dolphus Cousainhad two/2 children’s, Leon Cousain and Robert Cousain.
  1.  One/1 Great grandchild Rudy Mae Taylor Cousain.Uncle Dolphuswere a quite man.Uncle Dolphus Cousainwas a farmer/Labor.



  1. 50.            Uncle Donald Cousain
  1. Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Trangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Uncle Donald Cousaindeath occurs in 1900. (Author not quit sure of death date). Uncle Donald Cousainhad no children’s.Uncle Donald Cousain, Author did not get a chance to meet hisUncle Donald Cousain. Uncle Donald Cousainwas a farmer/Labor.
  2. Uncle Eugene James Cousain
  3. Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year1895Uncle Eugene James Cousaindeath occurs on September 1971in San Francisco, California.Uncle Eugene James Cousainwas burial in Skylines Cemetery San Mateo, California. Uncle Eugene James Cousainwas marriage toAbby Seymore, Erie Jackson, and NevadaLinsey Scott. Uncle Eugene James Cousainhad four/4 children’s
  4. Daniel Cousain were a member of Greater Rose Hill Baptist Church in Hammond, Louisiana and a member of Friendship Baptist Church, South San Francisco, California. Daniel Cousain was a member of the Usher Department.
  5.  Daniel Cousain death occur March 27, 2002 in the city Pittsburg, Ca., Hattie Mae Cousain, Larence Jackson (step-son) and Willie Mae Cousain. Uncle Eugene James Cousain
  6.  Nine/9 Grandchildren’s, Donald Cousain, Wesley Mccrae Daniel Fulbright Cousain, Earnest Cousain Johnson Jr., Rev. Jimmie Earie Cousain Johnson Sr., Joyce Marie Cousain Johnson Yates, Donald Edward Cousain Greenfield, Patricia Cousain Greenfield, Robert George Cousain Greenfield and Jerry Evon Cousain Perkins.Uncle Eugene JamesCousainwas a drink man, had a horse call pretty boy. When he come and visitor us he had been drink and we will no all our aunt name cause he will call their names one magic word I want forget is(hush hog who it the dog, who is the fool)Uncle Eugene James Cousainwas a farmer/Labors.
  7. Uncle Henry Cousain
  8. Birthplace Osceola, Uneedusand Trangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year July 3,1900. Uncle Henry Cousaindeath occurs on December1982.Uncle Henry Cousain was burial at Noah Cemetery in the city of Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.UncleHenryCousainand Aunt EthelJamesScott, one/1 child name Andrew Scott. Uncle Henry Cousain stepson.
  9. Uncle Henry Cousainwas a farmer/Labor/ hunter/trapper all over Saint Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish.


  1. 60.             Leon Cousain Sr.
  2. 61.               My father:Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year March 10, 1885.Leon Cousain Sr.was a member of Great her Rose Hill Baptist Church  (see picture) of Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  3. 62.               Greather Rose Hill Baptist Church
  4. 63.            Hammond, Louisiana









Greather Rose Hill Baptist Church

Hammond, Louisiana

  1. 64.              
  2. 65.                
  3. 66.                Leon CousainSr.death occurs on November 15, 1970 in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, burial at Noah Cemetery, Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana.(See picture)
  4. 67.               Noah Cemetery
  5. 68.            Uneedu, Louisiana
  6. 69.              
  7. 70.               Martha Napleen Earlycutt Cousain (Authormother) Birthplace Neopleonvillie, Louisiana. Born June 1,1913, daughter of Evelyn’s Earlycutt and 1 one sister Ruth Brown and brother Jimmie Nelson. Martha Napleen Earlycutt marriage Leon Cousain Sr. with her daughter Rosemary Pitts Jackson and had 9/nine children’s for Leon Cousain Sr. Martha Napleen Earlycutt Cousain work as a young lady in sugar cane field in Donaldvillie, Louisiana and move to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana where she met her husband Leon Cousain Sr. and continuous work in field and white people home to raised her family. Martha Napleen Cousain was a lovely wife a good church member believes since her children’s through school, Martha Napleen Cousain or Leon Cousain Sr. did not have a high school education. Martha Napleen Earlycutt Cousain livelong enough to see her grandchildren’s gets grown.Martha Napleen Cousain  (my mother)death occur on January 1, 1989.Martha Napleen Cousainwas burial at Green Lawn Cemetery (see picture) of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  8. 71.               Green Lawn Cemetery
  9. 72.               Hammond, Louisiana
  10. 73.              
  11. 74.               Martha Napleen Cousain was a member of Rose Hill Baptist Church of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana pastor by Reverend Garner and change her membership to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church (see picture) of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana pastor by Reverend Herb Garner.
  12. 75.               Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
  13. 76.               Hammond, Louisiana
  14. 77.              
  15. 78.                Leon Cousain Sr.depart from home at the age 15 year old and return back when he was a grown man his fatherJoseph ThomasCousaindidn't his own son. MyGrandfather Joseph Thomas Cousaintear came out of his eye when he returns home. Leon Cousain Sr.employment and special skill was farmer/Labor. Leon Cousain Sr. employee with the Illinois Central Railroad in the city of New Orleansand Orleans Parish, Louisianato Cook County Chicago, Illinoisin the 1800 help lay train trackfrom Louisana, Mississippiand Texas.
  16. 79.               LeonCousain Sr.moves to the city of New Orleans and Orleans Parish Louisiana when he left home Loranger, Uneedusand OsceolaTangipahoa Parish Louisianaat a young man move to the 12th and 13th ward in the city of New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana. BeforeLeon Cousain Sr.marriage my motherMartha Napleen Earlycutt. Leon Cousain Sr.was marriageto a lady nameThelmathey had one child die from birth at Independence Charity Hospital in city of New Orleansand Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Leon Cousain Sr.wifeThelmadeath occurs the same time. Butaccording some my friend/cousin said he did not die he was left in Charity Hospital year 1900 hundred and were adopt.AuthorfatherLeon Cousain Sr.was a share crop in Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana in 1936 thru 1970. Martha Napleen was born in Napoleonville, Louisiana June 1,1913 death occurs January 1,1989 were burial at Green Lawn Cemetery (see picture).










Green Lawn Cemetery

Hammond, Louisiana

  1. 80.              
  2. 81.                Martha Napleen Cousain was good family support for he husband. Authorfather & motherLeon Cousain Sr.and Martha Napleen Cousainhad move several places in Hammond Tangipahoa Parish Louisianaover the years, Tan Tailor Place1936-40, Rose Cameller Place1940-41, Milton Blummer Place1941-42, Robert Place1942-43, Somertime Place1943-44, Harry Wall Place, 1945-48, birth place of the Author’s, Nofor Place1949-50, Joseph Pellichino Place1950-53, Cisco Place1954, Bickham Settlement, 1955. Lincoln Park1955-1970. Leon Cousain Sr.purchase land and built a home for their children’s. Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana were death occur in 1970.  Author’s fatherLeonCousain Sr.moves to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana in1900hundred and met my motherMartha Napleenand was marriage and the big explore start again 10/ten children’s Alberta Cousain Martin, Clarence Couisan Sr., Emile Cousain, Evelyn Cousain born 1944 in the city of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Death occurs in 1945 in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Jimmie Cousain Sr., Joseph Cousain Sr., Leon Cousain jr., Parker Cousain 2 born June04, 1953in the city of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Death occurs November1973 in San Francisco, California.Willie Cousain born in the city of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Death occur unknown. Rosemary Jackson born February 10, 1936in the city of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Death occurs December3, 1994 in Saint John Parish, Louisiana.
  3. 82.               Twenty-Five/25 Grandchildren’s. Martha Vanessa Cousain Oliver, Bridget Cousain Bailey Sibley,Geary M. Cousain Gutterborn September25, 1965in the city of Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Death occur November24, 2000 in Acension Parish, Louisiana (job truck driver), Inez Cousain Jackson, Harold Cousain Oliver, Christina Couisan, Clarence Couisan Jr., Parker Couisan 3, Stacy Couisan, Pondria Couisan, Leon Cousain 3, Marshall Hayward, Monique Latrice Hayward Ginn, Tabith Cousain (Certified and Registered Medical Assistance and Registered Pharmacy Technical, Thomas Cousain, Cassanera Cousain, Christin Cousain, Jamarious Cousain, Jimmie Cousain Jr., Nichole Dense Cousain Berry, Sidney OwenCousain, Zennia Marie Cousain Jackson (License V. Nurse), Ashley Cousain, Robin Cousain and Shorina Allen Cousain



  1. 83.             Aunt Lillie Cousain
  2. 84.               Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, marriage? No children’s.Aunt Lillie Cousain (nickname “sister”)depart Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana in the1900. And accident occurs between Aunt Lillie Cousainand brotherUncle Donald Cousain. Aunt Lillie Cousaindepart from Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana andmigrant from Illinois, Michigan to the harvest seasonal crops to pick straw’berry, tong-oil, and bean.Aunt LillieCousaincame back in around1939 or 1940with her husband, which was Caucasian. Aunt Lillie Cousainhad a new automobile Buick or Cadillac. The Caucasian in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana during the 1930-1940was very racism/prejudice again mixer marriage in the state of Louisiana. Aunt Lillie Cousainwhen backnorth and sold her car to a nightclub owner, name Big Tony in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Aunt Lillie Cousainpurchase a ticket and husband got on the Illinois Central Train out of Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Aunt Lillie Cousainnever return when the death of her fatherJoseph Thomas Cousainoccur in1956/19570r1958 (Author not quit sure of deathdates).   Somefamily member seenAunt Lillie Cousain(nickname sister)in BentonHarbor, Michigan in1960and1970worker on farms in the follows cities Al Clare, Bear Lake, Sodaand3 River, Michigan.Aunt Lillie Cousainmay be in a convalescent home in Michigan somewhere at age between95thto99th.



  1. 85.            Uncle Robert Joseph Cousain
  2. 86.               Birthplace Osceola, Uneedus and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana year1907.
  3. 87.               Uncle Robert Joseph Cousaindeath occurs April3, 2000. Uncle Robert Joseph Cousainwas burial at Holly Garden Cemeteryin Hammond and Tangipiahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  1. Uncle Robert JosephCousain
  2.  Aunt Estoria Jameshad eight/8 children’s, Carrie Mae Cousain Rivers, Earnest Cousain Sr., Elzie Cousain, Jessie Cousain Bickham, Joann Cousain, Johnny Cousain Sr., Leo Cousainand Robert Cousain Jr. Twenty-Nine/29Grandchildren’s. Raffeal Cousain, Kendra Cousain, Daniel Cousain, Darlene Cousain, Estoria Cousain 2, Ina Cousain, John Cousain, Johnny Cousain Jr., Judy Cousain Shoranc Cousain, April Cousain, RC Cousain Elzey, Theresa Cousain, Melissa Cousain James, Robert James Cousain, Vokey Ray James Cousain, Phyllis Cousain Bickham, Racheal Cousain Bickham, Charlotte Cousain Bickham, Bridget Cousain Bickham, Carrie Cousain Bickham, Earnest Cousain Bickham,Keshal Cousain, Glen Cousain, Debra Cousain, Troy Cousain, Earnest Cousain Bickham Jr., Thomas Rivers Jr. and Irvin Cousain Rivers.
  3. Uncle Robert JosephCousainnever smokes or drinks.
  4. UncleRobert Joseph Cousainwas an assistance minister of New Star Baptist Churchat Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Pastor by Reverend Henry Bickham. UncleRobert Joseph Cousainwas a farmer/labor.


  1. 92.            Willie Cousain
  2. Birthplace, Hammond and Tangipoahoa Parish, Louisiana. Never marriage/no children’s. Uncle WillieCousainwas funny/laugh and makes the entire family. His nephew and niece call him little uncle. His nephew and niece never know what happen to him.


  1. 94.            Wilson Cousain
  1. Birthplace, Osceola, Uneedusand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Never was marriage/no children’s.Uncle WilsonCousainwas on quit side of the family. Uncle Wilson Cousainwas a farmer/labor.


  1. Chapter11.
  2. History of Leon Cousain Sr. and Martha Napleen Earlycutt and children’s.  The author mother and father Mother/father.
  3. Alberta Cousain:
  4. Born:June12,1950daughter of share crops, Leon Cousain Sr.Birthplace Independence/Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana at Peter Pellichino Place, Little Italy Road in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Alberta Cousainasksa young lady became a member of Rose Hill Baptist Church Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Alberta Cousain Martinchange membership to Moriah Baptist Church Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.AlbertaCousainattends school Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish at Greenvillie park high school, Mr. J.W. Davis where principals.Alberta Cousainstarting employments at a young age.  Alberta Cousainmarriage Vern ell Vernell Martindeath occurs on November 30, 2003 at North Oak Hospital in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Alberta Cousain Martin and Ver Nell Vernell Martinhave one1st/one child Martha Vanessa Cousain Martin andAlberta Cousainhave 5th/five other children’s.  Bridget Cousain Bailey Sibley, Cynthia Jean Cousain Pittsdeath occur January 12, 1969 and Geary M. Cousain Gutterdeath occurNovember 24, 2000.Harold Cousain Oliverand Inez Cousain OliverJackson.Alberta Cousain12th/Twelth Grandchildren’s A’Kiya Keyonngshaire Lynn Cousain, Jamerhia Cousain Tyson Jerrell Quintor Cousain Bird, Joseph Cousain Bird, Joseph Ryan Cousain Oliver, Marrissa Cousain Baham, Mirana Cousain Baham, Reginald E. Cousain Bird, Rickey Cousain Oliver Jackson, Telinei Lagany Cousain Earlycutt, Tiesha Cousain Oliver Jackson, TiffanyMichole Cousain Bird. Alberta Cousainnow residence in the state of Louisiana.





  1. 100.        Chapter 12.
  2. 101.        Clarence Couisan Sr. Author
  1.  BornJanuary11, 1948son of a share cropsLeonCousain Sr..Birthplace in Independence/Ponchatoula Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianadelivery bymid-wife Ma-Horn on Harry Wardplace in a two-room frame house.  As a young manClarence Couisan Sr.was a member of Rose Hill Baptist Church, Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianasinger in junior chorus pastor by Rev. Herbert Garner.  Clarence Couisan Sr.was work in a strawberry field in (1963)the year President J.F. Kennedy wasassassinating.Clarence Couisan Sr.was employee at a hamburger stand call Big Steel (1963) when Rev. C.L. Franklinpast through on a bus tour for a convention inthe city of New Orleansand Orleans Parish, Louisiana.Clarence Couisan Sr.attends school at Greenvillie park high school in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. In1963 Clarence Couisan Sr.depart from Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish to move to Norco and Saint Charles Parishto stay with my sisterRose Mary Pitts JacksonandClarence Couisan Sr.enroll in Mary Bethune High School Norcoand Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana, all black school, principle were Mr. Robottom.Clarence Couisan Sr.completes the 9th/Nine/10th/Tenth grade and then departs back in (1964)to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Clarence Couisan Sr.sign up for the Peace Corpand the instruction stated thatClarence CouisainSr.your are to young, but President J.F. Kennedy has just past a bill through the United State Senate for a program call Job Corp for high school drop out,Clarence Couisan Sr.sign up in1964and were call February1965in the Job Corp Center. Clarence Couisan Sr.was one the first black left from Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Clarence Couisan Sr.very exciting never left Louisianafirst place arrive Salem, Oregon, Hayforks California, one of the instruction were Mr. Tom Wheeler and Mr. Jim and Bob. In the Job Corps Center a very good friend were name Raymond Smith (nickname Smith) of San Francisco, California, Hunter Point and another friend of our Chris of Richmond, California.Clarence Couisan a chance to Secretary of the United State in1965. After complete training in CaliforniaClarence Couisan Sr.was send to a Job Corps Centerin the south in the state of Oklahoma. Clarence Couisan Sr.voluntary for United State Army in August1965 enlisted in Oklahoma City Oklahomain the old FederalBuilding.Clarence Cousain Sr.was marriage toMary Lee Millerin October1965.Clarence Couisan Sr. and Mary Lee Miller Couisan 1st/ daughter StacyCouisanborn February1967.Clarence Couisan Sr.1st set of Grandchildren’s Lacey Couisan Scottand Laquinta Couisan Scottnow residence in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.   Clarence Couisan Sr.Militaryactivestation in Vietnam in 1966 and1967.Clarence Couisan Sr. in 1967joins the Masonic Grand Lodgeof California and was discharges from service in1968.Clarence Couisan Sr. departs back to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Clarence Couisan Sr. starts my first job after dischargefrom service at JC Penneyin Hammond and Tangipahoa ParishLouisiana.Clarence Couisan Sr.asks his supervise for a pay increase he laid me off.Clarence Couisan Sr.when and sign up for employment benefit (very angry) and it taken so long Clarence Couisan Sr.hitchhikes back to Seaside, California (1968)has some problem going through Texas but with the help of god I made it. Clarence Couisan Sr. departsto San Francisco, California(1969)start to work for Federal Electric Corp. ITTwith my military background Supervisor/Manger Robert Myers. In1970Clarence Couisan Sr.2nd marriage Stella Ann Bowlerhad no children’s. Clarence CouisanSr. and Stella Ann Bowler was divorce(1985. Clarence Couisan Sr. was lay-off on his job in 1972, CompanyITT/Federal Electric Corporation.   Clarence Couisan Sr.1st/first son was born Clarence Couisan Jr. May10, 1972. Mother Veronica JoyceMckay.2nd set of Grandchildren’s Chameice, Chaniah Nashael, Christopher, Clarence 3, Damaje Isaiah Laray. Clarence Couisan Sr.decide to go by to school for more education for completed myGED at Missionadult school and John Adamsadult school, San Francisco, Ca.Clarence Couisan Sr.attended Heald Business College (1972Basicelectronic) San Francisco, California. In1973Clarence Couisan Sr.was call to work at Ralph K. Davis Medical Center in San Francisco, California. 1974 Clarence Couisan Sr.death occur on in19742nd/second son Parker Couisan 3 (died of child birth). 2nd/daughter was born Christina Couisan April 25, 1975. MotherVeronicaJoyce Mckay. Clarence Couisan Sr.return back to work in1976 with ITT/Federal Electric Corporation.  Clarence Couisan Sr.3rd /son was born Pondrio Kenneidy CouisanNovember 22, 1985.Mother Barbara Anderson Alexander.Clarence Couisan Sr.retired from ITT/Federal Electric Corporation in1989. (1992)Clarence Couisan Sr.attends Laney and Merritt College for business administration/paralegal.  Clarence Couisan Sr. in 1987forms a non-profit company calls Moonlite Hope Music, Inc. A California Corporation. Clarence Couisan residence in the state of California.
  2.  Chapter 13.
  3. Emile Cousain:
  4. Born1948(Author not quit sure on date of birth) son sharecropsLeon Cousain Sr..Birthplace Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  5. : Evelyn Cousain
  6. Born1944: Birthplace Summertime Place Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. (Author not quit sure on date of birth) Evelyn Cousaindeath occurs in1944and was burial at Methodist Church Cemetery of Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Daughter of a share cropsLeon Cousain Sr.
  7. Jimmie Cousain Sr.
  8.  BornJuly 22, 1943son of a share cropsLeonCousainSr..Jimmie Cousain Sr. Birthplace Robert Place in Hammond Tangipahoa Parish and Louisiana.Jimmie Cousain a young man he was a member of Rose Hill Baptist Church service as an Usher.Jimmie CousainSr.had changed his membership to Moriah Baptist Church of Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianapastor by Reverend Herbert Garner.Jimmie Cousain Sr.attended school at Greenvillie park high school, Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.JimmieCousain Sr.marriageSusan Landyof New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana.Jimmie Cousain Sr.andSusan Landry Cousainhave 4th/fourchildren’s Jimmie Cousain Jr., Nichole Denise Cousain Berry, Sidney Owen Cousain and Zenia Marie Cousain Jackson (Profession Nurse).  Jimmie Cousain Sr. and Susan Landry Cousain.
  9.  Ronnie 4th/four Grandchildren’s Jimmie Julie Cousain Berry, Z. Cousain, Racque Susan CousainandRonnie Cousain Jackson Jr. Jimmie at several of his professiondrive ready mix truck, car auto parts division. Jimmie Couisan Sr. andSusan Landry Cousainin family depart Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianaafter the death of our fatherLeon Cousain Sr..Jimmie CousainSr.depart to Benton Habor, Michigan (1971) and purchase a home for his family to live in and start to work in factory auto shop.  Jimmie Cousain Sr.and wifeSusan Landry Cousainwas a member of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Michigan.Jimmie Cousain Sr.and family move from Michigan (1982) began self-employments.JimmieCousain Sr. and Susan Cousainis now residence ofLouisiana





  1. 111.       Joseph Cousain:
  2. 112.            BornDecember27, 1941son of a share cropsLeon Cousain Sr.Birthplace Milton Blumber Placein Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Joseph Cousain Sr.attended Greenvillepark high school and Hammond Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Joseph Cousain Sr.marriage his first wifeAliceWeseyof Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Joseph Cousain Sr.andAlice Weseydepart to Benton Harbor, Michiganand the when through divorce. Joseph Cousain Sr. and Sandra Allen 1st/one child Shorinda Allen Cousain. Joseph Cousain Mae Skinnernow have three/3 children’s Ashley Skinner Cousain, Robin Skinner Cousainand Shorinda Allen Cousain.
  3. 113.            3rd/three Grandchildren’s Andrea L Allen Cousain, Janiya Cousain Wilsonand Terrilisha Cousain Wilson.JosephCousain Sr.returns back from Michigan (1972). Joseph Cousain Sr.moves back to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianaand employee as a ready mix concert truck drive and that did not work out long. Joseph Cousain Sr. began self-employments the year 1972. Joseph Cousain Sr.laid foundation for build houses/Apartments builds in Louisiana. Joseph Cousain Sr. has several employee works for him.Joseph Cousain residence in the state of Louisiana.




  1. 114.       Leon Cousain Jr.
  2. 115.            BornMay 30, 1940son of a share cropsLeonCousainSr.Birthplace Tan Tailor Place Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Leon Cousain Jr.attended Hammond Color Schooland Greenvillepark high schoolprinciple of school JW Davisin Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.  Leon Cousain Jr.marriage(1964) Leola Batonand was divorce.Leon Cousain Jr.left (1969)Hammondand Tangipahoa, Louisiana depart to Benton Harbor, Michigan. Leon CousainSr., re- marriage in (1970)Judy Hayward Cousainhave 8th/Eightchildren’s Cassanera Hayward Cousain, Christina Hayward Cousain, Jamarious Hayward Cousain, Leon Hayward Cousain #3, Marshall Hayward Cousain, Moon Neck Hayward Cousain, Tavitha Hayward Cousainand Thomas Hayward Cousain.
  1. 8th/EightGrandchildren’s Letremoon Hayward Cousain Williams, Jaharia Cousain, X’Zazor Cousain Haynes, Laterria D’N Cousain Wair, Terrance O’ Juan Cousain Wair, Tyant O’ Quan Cousain Wair, Christoper Allen Cousain Hines and Mitchell Allen Cousain Hines 3.Leon Cousain Jr.(1983) returns back to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.Leon Cousain on farms delivery strawberry to A&P grocery stores in Louisiana and drives ready mix cement truck and work in man factor. As a young man Leon Cousain Jr.depart from Hammond and Tangipiahaoa Parish, Louisiana move to Benton Harbor, Michiganin the year of1968. Leon Cousain Jr.move back to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianawith family and when self-employment in the year1983Began Lay foundation for build houses, apartment the state of Louisianauntil he retired in 2003. Leon Cousain Jr.andJudy Hayward Cousain residence of Louisiana.



  1. 117.        Parker Cousain:
  2. 118.            BornJune 2, 1953son of a share cropsLeon CousainSr..Birthplace Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianaat Ciolino Place and Little Italy Road, Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Parker Cousainas a young man was a member of Great her Rose Hill Baptist Church and Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana (see picture).
  3. 119.            Greather Rose Hill Baptist Church
  4. 120.       Hammond, Louisiana
  5. 121.           
  6. 122.             Parker was associate member of Lincoln Park Baptist Church, (see picture)
  7. 123.       Lincoln Park Baptist Church
  8. 124.       Hammond, Louisiana
  9. 125.           
  10. 126.            Garner Street Pastor by Reverend Leon Maryland and Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana (see picture).Parker Cousainattended Greenville park high school, Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.  Parker Cousainmarriage Carol Waltonin 1972 from states of Alabama/ no children’s. Author’s not quit sure of marriage date. Parker Cousaindepart from Hammond (1970) and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianawith his brotherJimmie Cousain Sr.after the death occur to our fatherLeon Cousain Sr.. Parker Cousain departs to Benton Harbor, Michigan and works at Mission Standard auto plant and then voluntary for the Army in1971.  Parker Cousaindeparts to San Francisco, California1972.Parker Cousainbecame a member of the Masonic Lodge in California. Parker Cousaindeath occurs in San Francisco, Californiain November 1973, burial at Noah Cemetery Uneedus, Osceola and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Parker Cousainhis request to be burial with his fatherLeon CousainSr.a note were fond on table after death.



  1. 127.       Rosemary Jackson:
  2. 128.             BornFebruary 22, 1936daughter of a share crops.(Stepfather)Leon Cousain Sr.)Rosemary Pitts Jacksonattended Booker school in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.
  3. 129.            Rosemary Pitts as a young lady was a member Providence Baptist Church in Laplace Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana. Rosemary Pitts depart home as a young ladymarriageEd Reedand when through divorce move to Norco and Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana. Ed Reed death occur in 1995 or 1996 author not quit sure of death date. Rosemary Pitts Reed 2nd/second marriage toCleveland Jackson. Rosemary Pitts Jacksondeath occur on December 3, 1994 at East Jefferson Hospital, Reserve and Saint Charles Parish, Louisianaand was buriedat Green Lawn Cemetery (see picture)and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.







Green Lawn Cemetery

Hammond, Louisiana

  1. 130.           
  2. 131.             Rosemary Pitts Jacksonwas a good provide to her sister and brother. Rosemary Pitts Jacksondepart from Norco and Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana and go to Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana and bring foods and cloths to her sister and brother.Rosemary Pitts Jacksonworks at restaurants and bar on the airline highway 61 north of New Orleans and Orleans Parish.  Rosemary Pitts Jacksonhelps her brotherClarence Couisan Sr. (Author)through high school at Mary Bethune High Schooland Norco Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana all black school, principal of school were Mr. Roebutton.





  1. 132.            Willie Cousain: Born1949 or 1950(Author not quit sure of years.)

Son of a share cropsLeon Cousain Sr.Birthplace Nofor Place Little Italy Road Hammondand Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Death occurs at birth in Hammond and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.


Chapter 2.

! Cousain Family Tree Begin!

      Pages seventy two/72 thru eighty seven/86.



A special salute to the follows: Mr. Jimmie Cousain Sr. andBertha Cousain James Jones the founder in the year of 1989 thru 2004.

A special salute to cousin Melton Cousain James Sr.#2 and Victor Edward Cousan #3.

A special think to the cousain, from Leon Cousain sr. and Martha Napleen Earlycut Cousain (See Pictures) of their children’s.





Generation My Great Grandfather Harry and Susana Children’s tree roots.


And now time began! Start family 3/three boysand 3/three girls. Boys Joseph Thomas Cousain, (my grand father), Grand Uncle Parker Cousain, had no children’s, Grand Uncle Victor Daniel Cousain, and the next big explosion! Girl’s, Grand Aunt Hattie Cousain Cyprian, Grand Aunt Katie Cousain, had no children’sand Grand Aunt Marie Cousain Cyprian.




Chapter 3. Descendant of Great Grandfather Harry Cousainand Great Grandmother Susana Cousainfirst grand children’s by their sons and daughters, Hattie Cousain Cyprian, Joseph Thomas Cousain, (my grandfather) Katie Cousain, Marie Cousain Cyprian, Parker Cousain and Victor Daniel Allen Cousain. In alphabet orders A—Z.

1st Generation My farther, Brother, Sister and Cousins:



1a1. Alice Cousain James(my aunt)

1a2. Boliver Cousan

1a3.Celia Cousain Cyprian Plummer

1a4. Corrine Cousain Cyprian Bell

1a5. Donald Cousain (my uncle)

1a6. Dolphus Cousain (my uncle)

1a7. Earnest Edness Cyprian

1a8. Eugene James Cousain (my uncle)

1a9. Henry Cousain (my uncle)

1a10. Ina Cousain Cyprian James

1a11. Joseph Cyprian

1a12. James Jimmy Cyprian

1a13.John H. Cyprian

1f 14. John Louis Cyprian Sr.

1f 15. Leon Cousain Sr. (my father)

1f 16. Lillie Cousain(my aunt)

1f 17. Mary Cousain Cyprain

1h18.Moses L. Cyprian

1i 19.Poledah Cyprian

1j 20.Preston Cyprian

1k21.Robert Joseph Cousain Sr. (my uncle)

1l22.Sullivan Cyprian Sr.

1m23.Susan Cousain Cyprian

1n24. Thomas Cyprian

1o25. Victor Cyprian

1p26.William Cyprian

1q27.Wilson Cousain


2nd Generation:  My Brother, Sister Cousins:




2a1.Ada Cousain James Robinson

2b2. Albert Cousain Cyprian Mack

2c3.Alberta Cousain Martin(my sister)

2d4. Andrew Plummer

2e5.Anline Cousan Peters

2f6.Animell Cousain James Cole

2g7. Audrey Cousain Cyprian Mack Harris

2h8.Authur Bell

2i9.Bertha Cousain James Jones

2j10. Bill Cousain Cyprian Mack

2k11.Buddy Cousain Plummer

2l12. Carolyn Cousain Cyprian Mack

2m13.Carrie Cousain Rivers

2n14.Charrell Cousain Lowery

2o15.Clarence Couisan Sr. (author of this book)

2p16.Clay Harrell Jackson

2q17.Daniel Cousain

2r18.Daniel Plummer

2s19.David Cyprian

2t20.Delphine Cousan Garretta

2u21.Dixie Cousain Mack Keys

2v22.Doretha Cousain James Johnson

2w23.Earnest Cousain Sr.

2x24.Eddie Harrell

2y25.El Harrell Bezuel

2ab1.Elijah Plummer

2ab2.Ezlie Cousain

2ab3.Emile Cousain (my brother)

2ab4.Endess Plummer

2ab5.Esdell Cousain James Taylor

2ab6.Ethel Cousain Mae Cyprian

2ab7.Evelyn Cousain(my sister)

2ab8.Ezera Cyprian

2ab9.Florene Cousain Harrell Pea

2ab10.Frank Cyprian

2ab11.Fred Cyprian

2ab12.George Davis

2ab13. George Cousain Cyprian Mack

2ab14.George Henry Cousain Cyprain Plummer

2ab15.Gilbert Cousain Bell Jr.

2ab16.Hattie Cousain Harrell Brumfield

2ab17.Hattie Mae Cousain

2ab18.Helen Cousain Plummer Louise

2ab19. Hennon Cousain Cyprian Mack

2ab20. James C. Cousain Cyprian

2ab21. James Cousain Cyprian Mack

2ab22.James Harrell

2ab23.Jessie Cousain Bickham

2ab24.Jesse James Sr.

2ab25.Jimmie Cousain Sr. (my brother)

2ab26.Joann Cousain

2ab27.Johnny Cousain Sr.

2ab28.Joseph T Bell

2ab29.Joseph Cousain Sr. (my brother)

2ab30. Joseph Davis

2ab31. Katie Mae Cousain Johnson

2ab32.Katie Cousain Plummer

2ab33.Laurie Lee Cousain Harrell

2ab34.Lela Cousain James Baham

2ab35.Leo Cousain

2ab36.Leon Cousain Jr. (my brother)

2ab37.Leon Cousain (my uncle Dolphus son.)

2ab38.Lynette Cousain Cyprian

2ab39.Mam. Cousain Plummer

2ab40.Marie Cousain Bell James

2ab41.Margerett Cousain Cyprian

2ab42. Marvin Cousain Cyprian Mack, Rev.

2ab43.Mary Bodel Cousain Harrell Robinson

2ab44.Mary Cousain Cyprian

2ab45.Melvin Cousain Cyprian

2ab46.Melton Cousain James Jr.

2ab47.Nell Cousain James White

2ab48.Milton Cousain Cyprian Plummer

2ab49.Murray Cousain James Jr.

2ab50.Nellie Cousain Cyprian Mack

2ab51.Nelson Cousain Cyprian

2ab52.Nelson Cousain Cyprian Mack

2ab53.Ola Cousain James Brumfield

2ab54.Oliver Cousain Cyprian

2ab55.Parker Cousain (my brother)

2ab56.Paul Cousain James

2ab57.Pearl Cousain James Tates

2ab58.Pleasant Cousan Sr.

2ab59.Preston Cousain Cyprian Plummer

2ab60.Robert Cousain Jr.

2ab61.Robert Cousain Harrell

2ab62.Rose Elizabith Cousain Cyprian

2ab63.Rose Mary Jackson(my sister)

2ab64.Rosette Cousain James Nelson

2ab65.Sallie Cousain James Nichols

2ab66.Shirley Mae Cousain James Weary

2ab67.Susetta Cousan Gilmore

2ab68.Veronica Cousain Cyprian

2ab69.Victoria Cousain Collins

2ab70.Voila Cousain Cyprian

2ab71.Walter Cousain Cyprian

2ab72.Wilbert Cousain Bell

2ab73.William Cousain Cyprian Mack Jr.

2ab74.Willie Cousain (my brother)

2ab75.Willie Mae Seymore Cousain, Johnson, Greenfield and Perkins 

3rd Generation:  My niece, nephew, brother, sister and cousins


3a1.Alfred Cousain James

3b2.Alfred Cousain James Jones

3c3.Ashley Cousain(my niece)

3d4.Angelina Shabazz Cousain Perkins

3e5.April Cousain

3f6.April Cousain Perkins

3g7.Austin Cousain James

3h8.Bridget Cousain Bickham

3i9.Bridget Cousain Bailey Sibley (my niece)

3j10.Bryant Cousain James Jones

3k11.Bryon Cousain James Johnson

3l12.Calvin Cousain Cyprian Mack Keys

3m13.Carl E. Cousain James Sr.

3n14.Carol Cousain James Baham

3o15.Carrie Cousain Bickham

3p16.Cassandra Cousain

3q17.Charlotte Cousain Bickham

3r18.Charlotte Cousain Perkins

3s19.Cheryl Cousain Cyprian Mack Keys

3t20.Christa Cousain Cyprian Mack Keys

3u21.Christin Cousain

3v22.Christina Couisan(my daughter)

3w23.Clinton Cousain James Baham Jr.

3x24.Clarence Couisan Jr. (my Son)

3y25.Corrine Cousain James

3z26.Cynthia Cousain Cole

3ab1.Cynthia Jean Cousain Pitts(my niece)

3ab2.Daniel Cousain

3ab3.Darlene Cousain

3ab4.Deborah Cousain Noel

3ab5.Debra Cousain Baham

3ab6.Debra Cousain

3ab7.Derick Cousain James Johnson

3ab8.Derra Deisa Cousain Nichols

3ab9.DE Evelyn Cousain Cyprian Mack Keys

3ab10.Dianne Cousain Noel

3ab11.Donald Cousain

3ab12.Donald Edward Cousain Greenfield

3ab13.Donnell Cousain James Wise

3ab14.Earnest Cousain Jr.

3ab15.Earnest Cousain Bickham Jr.

3ab16.Earnest Cousain Johnson Jr.

3ab17.Edna Cousain James Maddox

3ab18.Estoria Cousain 2

3ab19.Everlyn Cousan

3ab20.Fayelett Cousain James Johnson

3ab21.France Cousan

3ab22.Fred James

3ab23.Geary Cousain Gutter (my nephew)

3ab24.Glen Cousain

3ab25.Griffin Cousain Cole

3ab26.Harold Cousain (my nephew)

3ab27.Ina Cousain

3ab28.Inez Cousain Oliver (my niece)

3ab29.Irvin Cousain Rivers

3ab30.Jacquline Cousain James

3ab31.Jamarious Cousain

3ab32.Jelaine Cousain James

3ab33.Jeremiah Shabazz Cousain Perkins

3ab34.Jerry Cousain Perkins

3ab35.Jimmie Cousain Jr. (my nephew)

3ab36.Rev. Jimmie Cousain Earie Johnson Sr.


Greater Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

1504 “M” Street

Brunswick, Georgia 31520

3ab37.John Cousain

3ab38.Johnny Cousain Jr.

3ab39.Johnny Eugene James

3ab40.Joyce Marie Cousain Johnson Yates

3ab41.Judy Cousain

3ab42.Karen Cousain James Johnson

3ab43.Kenneth Wade Cousain Cyprian Burris

3ab44.Keshal Cousain

3ab45.Leroy Cousain James Johnson Jr.

3ab46.Marion Cousain Baham

3ab47.Marshall Hayward Cousain

3ab48.Mike Cousain James Johnson

3ab49.Milton Cousain James Jr.

3ab50.Nelrica Hayward Cousain

3ab51.Leo Cousain Jr.

3ab52.Leon Cousain Jr. 3 (my nephew)

3ab53.Leon James

3ab54.Martha Cousain Martin(my niece)

3ab55.Melissa Cousain James

3ab56.Melton James Jr.3

3ab57.Merle Cousain James Garrett

3ab58.Monique Latrice Cousain Ginn

3ab59.Nelrica Hayward

3ab60.Norma Jean Cousain James

3ab61.Patrica Cousain Greenfield

3ab62.Patricia Cousain James

3ab63.Paul Cousain James

3ab64.Phyllis Cousain Bickham

3ab65.Pleasant Cousan Jr.

3ab66.Pontrio Kenneidy Couisan (my son)

3ab67.Racheal Cousain Bickham

3ab68.RC Elzey Cousain Patrick

3ab69.Richard Cousain Noel Jr. 2

3ab70.Ricky Cousain James

3ab71.Robert Cousain James

3ab72.Robert Cousain 3

3ab73.Robert George Cousain Greenfield

3ab74.Robin Cousain(my niece)

3ab75.Rodnoy Cousain James Jones

3ab76.Sharon Cousain

3ab77.Sherry Cousain James

3ab78.Shornda Cousain (my niece)

3ab79.Stacy Couisan(my daughter)

3ab80.Tadatha Cousain James Jones

3ab81.Taditha Hayward Cousain

3ab82.Tavitha Cousain

3ab83.Theresa Cousain Patrick

3ab84.Thomas Cousain

3ab85.Thomas Cousain Rivers Jr.

3ab86.Troy Cousain

3ab87.Vanessa Cousain Cyprian Mack Keys

3ab88.Verna Dean Cousain James Walton

3ab89.Victor Edward Cousan

3ab90.Vokey Ray Cousain James

3ab91.Westly M. Cousain

3ab92.Williastine Cousain James Morgan

3ab93.Willie Stine Cousain James Abron

3ab94.Yuolonda Cousain Cyprian Burris

3ab95.Zennie Marie Cousain Jackson(my niece)


4th Generation: My grandchildren’s, brother, niece, nephew, sister, cousins.



4a1. A’Kiya Keyonna Sha’rie Lynn Cousain

4b2.Alton Cousan Wood Jr.

4c3.Angel Marie Cousain Johnson

4d4.Andrea L.  Cousain Allen (my niece)

4e5.Anthony Hayward Taylor Jr.

4f6.Apollonia B. Cousain Allen(my niece)

4g7.Brittany Brumfield Cousain

4g7aCaliph hamad Muhammad (my Grandson )

4g7b Caliq Abdul Muhammad ( my grandson )

4h8.Carol Renee Cousain Johnson

4i9.Charneice Couisan (my granddaughter)

4j10.Chaniah Nashae Badger Couisan(my granddaughter)

4k11.Cherly Cousan

4l12.Chester Emanuel Hayward Kendrick Jr.

4m13.Christoper Allen Hayward Cousain Hine

4n14.Christoper Cousain Brumfield

4o15.Christoper Couisan (my grandson)

4p16.Cindy Cousain Noel

4q17.Clarence Couisan Jr. 3(my grandson)

4r18.Clarinda Coleman Cousain(my niece)

4s19.Clayton Cousain Bickham

4t 20.Damaje Isaiah Laray Muhammad Couisan (my grandson)

4u21.Darren Cousain Bickham

4u21a Darryl Chamad Muhammad ( My Grandson )

4v22.Demetrius Levon Cousain Johnson

4w23.Denetria Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris Batieste

4x24.Deshna Cousain Bickham

4y25.Dina Cousain Johnson

4z26.Earnest Cousain Johnson 3

4ab1.Ebony Cousain Curtis

4ab2.Edward Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris Alexander

4ab3.Edward Lonzo Cousain Greenfield

4ab4.Gearlisha Cousain(my neice)

4ab5.Gladys Cousan

4ab6.Kathy Cousain Noel

4ab7.Isiah Keith 4 (my nephew)

4ab8. Isiah Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris Alexander

4ab9.Jaharia Parker (my nephew)

4ab10.Jaharia Cousain (my nephew)

4ab11.Jamerhia Cousain Tyson (my nephew)

4ab12.Jamesha Cousain Bickham

4ab13.Janieka Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris

4ab14.Janine Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris Batieste

4ab15.Janiya Cousain Wilson

4ab16.Jelinei Lagary Cousain Earlycutt(my niece)

4ab17.Jeward Cousain Miller Jr. (my nephew)

4ab18.Jerrell Quintor Cousain Bird (my nephew)

4ab19.Jimmie Earie Cousain Johnson Jr.

4ab20.JJ Cousan Jackson

4ab21.Joseph Cousain (my nephew)

4ab22.Joseph Ryan Cousain Oliver (my nephew)

4ab23.Kathy Cousain Noel

4ab24.Keneth Cousan

4ab25.Kim Cousan Wood

4ab26.Kimberly Cousain Cyprian Mack Burris Alexander

4ab27.Kirra Cousain Bickham

4ab28.Kristopher Cousain (my Nephew)

4ab29.Lacey Couisan Scott (my granddaughter)

4ab30.Laquinta Couisan Scott (my granddaughter)

4ab31.Laramie Micheal Hayward Cousain

4ab32.Lashauna Marie Couisan (my granddaughter)

4ab33.Laterra D’N Hayward Cousain Wair Jr.

4ab35.Lavell Cousain Johnson

4ab36.Lavonte Cousain Bickham

4ab37.Letremeon Cousain Williams

4ab38.Lorene Cousan

4ab39.Lorin Mitchelle Hayward Cousain Ginn

4ab40.Marquita Latisha Cousain Johnson

4ab41.Marissa Cousain

4ab42.Mirana Cousain

4ab43.Mitchell Allen Hayward Cousain Hines #3

4ab43a Moeshawn Pettis (My Grandson )

4ab44.Monique Cousain Moffett

4ab45.Nasticia Harness Cousain(my niece)

4ab46.Natiquae Jean Alberta Cousain(my niece)

4ab47.P.J. Cousain Bickham

4ab48.Pama Cousan Jackson

4ab49.Percy Cousan Jackson

4ab50.Ramesya Lakaye Hayward Cousain

4ab51.Raymond Cousain Noel

4ab52.Rayon Cousain Bickham

4ab52.Reginald Eugene Cousain Bird (my nephew)

4ab53.Richard Cousain Noel Jr.3

4ab54.Rickey Cousain Oliver (my nephew)

4ab55.Robert George Cousain Greenfield 3

4ab56.Robert Lovenzo Cousain Greenfield

4ab57.Santrol Cousain Bickham

4ab58.Sharnella Cousain Yates

4ab59.Sharon Denise Cousain Yates-Elston

4ab60.Shawn Tonette Cousain Yates

4ab61.Shawnetta Cousain Jackson

4ab62.Shella Marie Cousain Yates

4ab63.Sherie Marie Cousain Johnson

4ab64.Shi-Ki Brumfield Cousain(my Niece)

4ab65.Shirley Ann Cousain Yates

4ab66.Shonda Cousan Wood Brumifield

4ab67.Terrilisha L. Cousain(my niece)

4ab68.Tiesha Cousain Oliver(my niece)

4ab69.Tiffany Michele Bird(my niece)

4ab70.Tony Cousan Wood

4ab71.Travis Cousain Johnson

4ab72.Tyrant D’Duan Hayward Cousain Wair

4ab73.Varanese Cousan

4ab74.Wanna Cousain Bruce

4ab75.X’Zazior Cousain Haynes (my nephew)


5th Generation: brother, sister and cousins



5a1. Doneshia Cousan Hickman

5b2.Sheena Smith

5c3.Shane Victor Cousan Smith

5d4.Victor Cousan 4

5e5.Chyna Cousan

5f6.Tanya Cousan Watson

5g7.Keneth Cousan

5h8.Varanese Cousan


6th Generation: brother, sister and cousins

6a1. Kennedy Cousan Watson

6b2.Kentrell Cousan

6c3.Nepoleon Cousan Kennedy

6d4.Victoria Cousan Jackson


See Continuous of Descendants of Cousain Family and Tree Volume 1a part 1 and part 2 in bookstores or see your distributors.

















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